A Discrimination Confession

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Little Stevie’s story and where Americans freedoms have gone.

While most of us seem helpless to do anything about the politicians, big corporations, or financial predators, and it’s tough, I’ll admit…I’ve tried and they really don’t care what you think, as long as you keep voting for them or buying their products, there are many factors that you CAN control.  They are right in your back yard and in your daily decisions.  Now some people have been hurt in this recent global recession even though they did everything pretty much right.  That happens, it’s part of life, it’s not fair all the time in case you haven’t noticed. Kind of like playing poker, you can do everything right and lose and you can do everything wrong and win.   Almost everyone suffered in some fashion.  Keeping in mind that the Wolf is always at the door, and that if you don’t watch your own money someone else will…. I promise…. Americans as a whole could have taken several steps to have lessened the blow, in fact possibly have virtually prevented it had we been awake, active, and real about the world we live in.  Primarily it would have been to do the almost exact opposite of what the majority actually did over the last several years… guided of course by our captains of commerce, our legally elected officials, and some other sizeable entities.  We believed them.  We asked for it.  We kept buying their products even though they didn’t deserve your money.  They lessened their products and services a little at a time and people put up with it by still buying their products.  We campaigned and voted and maybe even donated to their cause.  What we didn’t do is listen to our selves…. that little voice that pops out every so often telling us the true reality.  Although we don’t want to hear it… we might have to change, sacrifice, or do something we don’t feel much like doing….like saving up for that new big screen and have to continue to “suffer” for a bit longer…. yet save a fair bit of longer term money by doing it.  it’s the truth and we should probably listen.  But that’s not human nature.  We want it all and we want it now… who wouldn’t?  And if it works for you that’s great.  Everything has some price attached to it, everything.  A lot of time, if you actively listen and think rationally (not emotionally), and take the time to read the “warranty” or “fine print”, when you really look at the full price tag, and understand that you are responsible for yourself,  and will suffer the consequences or reap the reward,  it’s more than you realize.  When humans see what might be an easy way out, we usually take it…. and again, who wouldn’t.  That is, unless you really listen to your own voice. Live within or below your means so that you have a greater than average opportunity to make it through a rainy day, or in this case the perfect storm.  A few months of cash reserve combined with a low debt, spelled overhead, can dramatically reduce your money fears, worries and stress levels.  There is some peace to be found in it.  It has a price tag, but the product holds up.  A smart man once told me, “money is important to the extent you don’t have any”.   If you don’t have any, then it’s right up there at the top, but if you have a bit more than you need, then it’s much less important. If the vast majority of Americans had this built in financial buffer, America, by definition, would be a much stronger country financially, which leads to other strengths.  So the true reality of it all seems to be that we are as a country what we are as individuals, collectively and separately, because we can really exercise control over only our own backyards, and we usually get the government we deserve.  Having free elections is great, but once a sizeable majority of Americans rely on the government in some way for their livelihoods and well being, I afraid we’re done for.  Votes will go to those who promise more of the same and soon we’ll all be working for them.  In many ways we already do.  Then where do we go?  Who produces? The quote by Alexander Tyler in 1787 is very pertinent here.

Let me tell you a story, take from it what you want, but the moral shows what’s happening to our attitudes, our loss of freedoms and our gigantic overprotective governing system that we’re bitching about while begging for more of the same.  When my wife and I were young with a 3 yr old son, we were poor…really poor with NO support from home. We worked at anything we could to survive.  If we didn’t earn it we didn’t eat… that simple. My wife would babysit (before all the regulations made that almost impossible without licenses,  certifications, DHS etc) for extra income at night.  A little boy who was about 4 was dropped off by his dad for the evening.   Little Stevie came in with a brand new book in his hands and proudly announced to my wife and I that “this is my brand new book.  My daddy just bought it for me”….. then he proceeded to say….and here’s the kicker….”Please don’t LET ME RIP IT”.  He was disavowing any responsibility for his own actions… he didn’t trust himself not to rip the new book…and put the entire responsibility for the condition of that book on us.  It was now OUR job to see to it that little Stevie didn’t rip his new book.  The solution… my wife took his book away and put it on top of the fridge and told him that when he left, or when the two of them together to look at it they would.  But little Stevie now could not just look at his book whenever he chose to.  He needed our permission to look at his book, after all, he placed that responsibility square on OUR shoulders.  He lost the freedom to do what he wanted to with his new book.  See any similarities??  I sure do!

The engine of change in the Universe

About 2600 years ago a dude named Democritus, who coined the term atom (indivisible.. the smallest part that can exist) saw that the two things which drive the universe and determine the direction of change are: NECESSITY AND CHANCE. If you’ll really think about this, and observe how things happen as time progresses, you’ll see that these two forces, necessity and chance, really do determine the future. It’s not all that different than poker, although I can see a similarity between poker and life. Do you?

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Show And Tell With Poker Chips. It’s All About YOUR Poker Game.

When you’re playing Texas Holdem Poker you’ll sometimes see your opponents show their cards when they don’t have to.  They bet at the pot, everyone folds, they win the pot ,then they flip over their hole cards to show you usually one of two things.  Either they had the best hand or they bluffed and won the pot with their bluff.

So what should YOU do about it?  This may sound strange, but the best thing for you to do is notice what they show, then immediately FORGET IT.  Forget it?  Yes… Forget It.  Buy why forget it?

When they show their cards unnecessarily, there is usually a reason why they show.  It is to influence your image of them and hopefully cause you to play differently against them than you might have had they not shown.  It is a “mental trap”.  They want you to change your game.  If they show a total bluff they want you to think they bluff a lot and showing a complete bluff proves it.  If they caused you to fold the best hand with their bluff they hope it “tilts” you by showing they bluffed you out of the pot, it breaks your concentration, it shows you that you made the wrong play.  The idea is that next time they pull the same stunt you’ll assume the same thing, that it’s a bluff and cause you to call when you normally would not.  But they showed a total bluff earlier, so you change your mind and call them this time.  Then they flip over the nuts and you just lost a bunch of poker chips because you let their earlier bluff influence how you played against them this hand.  They got you twice.

The exact opposite is true when they show their hole cards with the best hand.  This kind of a play is always designed to influence your thinking of how they play, and to increase your uncertainty about them and cause you to play a different game than you ordinarily would.

So no matter which way it goes, if you let their action of showing their poker hole cards influence you, tilt you, decrease or even overly increase your own confidence….. they cause you to change your game against them and they win.  They may not win the poker chips on any particular poker hand, but they won the mental game of causing you to alter your thinking,  and eventually poker actions, in a way that is aimed at their benefit.

So, as crazy as it might sound, the next time your opponent tosses his poker hole cards face up on the poker table for everyone to see and take note of, take a quick peek, immediately FORGET IT, and just say “Nice hand Sir”.

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So let’s get started, shall we?

OK. Now I have a blog. I’m not sure why but seems like all the cool kids are doing it. I guess I’m just suppose to write stuff here and see if anyone reads it. I don’t have a million friends like some people do these days. I only have friends that I know. But I guess someone online can be considered a friend, but that sort of changes the overall concept of “friend”, but I guess “in person” is becoming somewhat of a thing of the past these days. I have a lot of friends on Facebook but I’ve never met any of them. Hell, truth is I don’t really even know them. They are, at this point, a mouse click.
But I like to play poker, started a poker website selling poker chips and cards and stuff, have reached a point in my life where I have the time to just “mess around” again, like when we were kids. And I suppose if the truth be known, I have a lot of opinions, thoughts and semi-thoughts, and ideas floating around inside my head. You see among other things I’m a part time thinker. I like to think about stuff, then form some opinion about that stuff, then talk about that stuff.

What kind of stuff, you ask? Well, for one, poker. I enjoy playing poker and if I’d just learn to follow my own advice I’d probably be a better player. So I write pieces about poker a lot, and since I have a poker website where I sell poker chips and stuff (did I mention that already… sorry) maybe this will add some credibility and get me a few backlinks so that the almighty Google will find my site more attractive and someone will actually find it online.
This leads us to you. I need some other people (future friends?) to write stuff back and help make this a two or two thousand or twenty thousand way conversation.

So, how about we try this, OK?
I’m going to publish a little article about playing texas no limit holdem, a game dear to my wallet and heart. It’s an opinion, just an opinion, not necessarily the reflected opinion of Management, but a personal opinion. Then you read it. After you read it write something back so I can see if this works. Maybe we’ll get into a lively discussion and become friends.

We don’t even have to talk about poker. How about Politics, Religion, Philosophy and other straightforward simple subjects so as to not get too deep or too heavy.

If I sound like I use sarcasm in my writing a lot, way to pick up on things. If I sound like I use dark or even politically incorrect humor from time to time you score on both points.

Ok… now I’m going to post an article on poker.  If you don’t play poker you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.  Stuff about poker is boring to a non poker player.  But if you have anything to say about it… well that’s what blogs are for, or so I’m told.